Individual guided tours through the Palace Museum and its collection can be arranged for groups. Each guided tour is a journey through history and can be booked for private or business events, excursions, incentives, birthday or Christmas parties.

Special guided tour


The versatility of the Darmstadt Palace Museum collection with its numerous references to regional and royal history invites you to take a journey through time. Paintings, sculptures and handicraft, including fine pieces of furniture, tapestry, glass, ceramics, gold and silverware from the 16th until the early 20th century are displayed in 16 showrooms.

60 Minutes | 70,- € plus 3,- € admission fee p.P.

Special guided tour

Hessian Tapestry

Since the 18th century the Hessian royal family has been related, by marriage, to other royal families in Europe. During the 19th and early 20th centuries the number of marital alliances increased considerably. In the course of this guided tour, the complex interwoven threads between the royal families of Hesse, Russia, England, Spain, Sweden and the Mountbattens, who originate in Darmstadt, will be explained. A large number of paintings and personal belongings of the Hessian royal family help to provide an animated idea of their lives and times.

60 Minutes | 70,- € plus 3,- € admission fee p.P.

Special guided tour

Secrets of a chambermaid

What was life like behind the solid walls of Darmstadt Palace in the 18th century?

Marie, a chambermaid, takes visitors on a very special journey through time. She tells of the lives of those living „upstairs” and the hardships of those working „downstairs“. You will taste courtly delicacies, practise bowing low and learn both interesting and amusing facts about life at the Darmstadt court.

60 Minutes | 160,- €  (flat-rate for max. 20 persons)

Interactive guided tour for primary school children

Come and meet Prince Ludwig:
When, where and how did he live?

No electricity, no running water, no telephone – what was daily life like in the Darmstadt stately home of the young Prince Ludwig Georg Karl, born in 1749? We invite you to join him on a fascinating journey through time.

60 Minutes | 85,- € (flat-rate for 10 children)